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Rick Rule Interview – “The Best Opportunities Of Any Bear Market I Have Ever Seen”

October 29th, 2014

Rick Rule

Mac Slavo: Over the last three years, as stock markets have risen to new all time highs, other asset classes have been absolutely pummeled. Precious metals investments, for example, have in some cases seen declines of up to 75%.

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Bitcoin Will Supercede The FED Dollar System

August 10th, 2014

060814bit1Paul Joseph Watson: A whistleblower who was employed as a briefing researcher at the Federal Reserve has revealed that Fed governors were “highly alarmed” by a major internal report which revealed that Bitcoin would likely supercede the dollar system within the next 12 years. Read more…

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Proceed With Caution As Market Upside In Question

September 9th, 2013

investingThe point of reading developing market activity, as seen in charts, is to eliminate any need to “predict” what may develop next day, week, or month.  There is no more reliable a source of information than the market itself.  Everything one needs to know Read more…

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Why This Railroad Company Belongs In Your Portfolio

September 5th, 2013

railroad1Blue chips across the board have been taking a break, along with the rest of the stock market. But in my mind, their leadership remains intact, and so does the performance of the Dow Jones Transportation Average. Read more…

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What Is Wrong With Our System of Public Education?

August 13th, 2013

educationHave you ever seen the movie “Idiocracy”?  It is a movie about an “average American” that wakes up 500 years in the future only to discover that he is the most intelligent person by far in the “dumbed down” society that is surrounding him.  Read more…

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Fundamentals Will Eventually Drive Gold and Silver Prices

August 12th, 2013

gold silver coinsIn an election, it does not matter if voter turnout is high or low, the outcome is determined by the actual votes cast. The same holds true for the markets. Only those who make an actual buy or sell decision determine the outcome of the market trend. Read more…

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Should Investors Follow George Soros Into Herbalife Ltd?

August 5th, 2013

george sorosSometimes something that is viewed as ugly by one person is absolute beauty in someone else’s eyes. This is what the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” represents. Read more…

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The Biggest Oil Discovery In 50 Years?

July 24th, 2013

oilIn a virtually uninhabitable section of South Australia, a discovery has been made which could rock the world.  Some are calling it the biggest discovery of oil in 50 years.  Earlier this year, a company called Linc Energy announced Read more…

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This Biotech Stock Will Make You Over 1000%

May 31st, 2013 Folks, you are so lucky that I am such a giving person, connected and industrious person.  Today, I’m going to tell you about one of the best hedge funds in the world – and a stock they have just bought that can make you over 1,000%. Read more…

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Facebook Inc (FB): How To Make 300% In Less Than A Month

May 30th, 2013

facebookRemember me I am the most famous stock picker and trader in the world right now. I am the person who told you to sell Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) until last week when I called the bottom in Apple. My call was so famous that CNN Read more…

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Google Inc (GOOG): Why Google Glass Will Be A Total Bust

May 29th, 2013

googleGarrett Baldwin: You never really know what you might get into sitting on the corner stool of a bar in Manhattan. Read more…

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Hewlett-Packard Company’s (HPQ) Surging Share Price Is Unwarranted

May 28th, 2013

Hewlett-Packard Co.: The market action is telling me I was wrong about my previous prospects for Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) and its CEO Meg Whitman. Read more…

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Facebook Inc (FB): Tread Carefully

May 14th, 2013

wall streetRecently, Warren Buffett at his annual Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting said stocks are still the only game in town. He went even further and said the stock market is not in “bubble territory” and stocks are still the best game in town. Read more…

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Google Inc (GOOG): A Technical Stock Lesson

May 8th, 2013

googleCorey Rosenbloom: What looks like a “can’t miss” trading opportunity on one timeframe may be an equally compelling “can’t miss” opportunity on a higher timeframe, but in the exact opposite direction. Read more…

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Apple Inc., Google Inc, & Duke Energy Corp Are Stocks You Shouldn’t “Sell In May”

May 8th, 2013

buy sell holdIan Wyatt: May typically kicks off the worst six months on the investment calendar. You should sell all your stocks now and go into hibernation until November – or “Sell in May and Go Away,” as the saying is called. Read more…

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