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Werner Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ:WERN): $100K Jobs That Nobody Wants

November 19th, 2012

President Obama’s recent re-election campaign was, in no small part, built upon the comeback of the auto industry. The hiring has been brisk, and not just at the Big 3 manufacturers — it’s been even more pronounced at the supporting and surrounding businesses. Data from the Department of Labor project that the need will be above average for auto service technicians in the coming years, and that the auto industry is going to need to find, train and hire more than 100,000 new people who can get under the hood and keep our cars and trucks running smoothly.

No easy task to be sure, but it’s one that General Motors (NYSE:GM) and thousands of its dealers are trying to get ahead of. It’s also why we traveled to Detroit for an inside look at the problem — and the solution. Let’s just say this: The job of an auto service tech today is as much about laptops as lube jobs, and the pay, benefits and opportunity to grow that come with it are very real.

At the same, we’ll take you inside another core American industry that’s fretting about its future staffing needs and trying new and different things to attract qualified workers. In this case, I’m talking about the trucking business and its need for an estimated 330,000 tractor-trailer drivers over the next 10 years. Our team traveled to Omaha, Neb., to meet with the president of Werner Enterprises (NASDAQ:WERN) to see how one of the biggest players in the business is addressing this shortage of drivers. Not only are they training more, paying better and putting their people in an almost brand new fleet of trucks, they’re also reinventing themselves in a way that allows their drivers to get home to their families a lot more often.

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