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Stocktouch Issued A Buy Rating From SmartStops.net

March 13th, 2012

Stocktouch is an amazing app designed for both the iPhone and iPad by Visible Market Inc. According to Visible Market, the app concept was developed from a need to bring clarity to financial information, “we found the way financial information is typically presented to be confusing: we felt we could do something more immersive than index summaries and line charts.” I think they got it right.

I tried it out on my iPhone and it was just like having the market at my fingertips. Stocktouch brings up to the minute real time financial data and information together in one interactive format. Designed by a gamer, Stocktouch includes nice sound effects and is visually pleasing, making the experience for the user quite exceptional. The technology platform is the first of its kind to apply a video game engine to visualize statistical data, which is combined with a proprietary compression technology that transmits information at 20x the speed of comparable apps allowing the application to deliver up-to-the-minute market trends and numbers through a visually-intuitive, game-like, iOS-native interface.

As an investor, I found most of the data that I might follow on a particular stock to be offered in this app. I particularly liked the heat map that is initially divided into 9 sectors which show the current state of the market visually by spanning red or green depending on the market conditions. Shades of red indicate stocks are losing value while shades of green indicate stocks are gaining in value. Then when one scrolls out it dials down to individual stocks in each sector. You can easily do a search and find a specific stock, scroll through the available information for that stock and then see it immersed back into the sector stocks on the heat map. Another feature I liked was the ease of being able to save your favorite stocks. Then, when you go back to the heatmap, the marked favorites float up above the other stocks in the grid. The heat map is interesting because you can view it from several perspectives, from arrangements in a spiral pattern showing large to small companies, to arrangements ranked by percentage gains, volume, market cap or alphabetically. Another great feature on the Stocktouch is the ability to see a sector or individual stock’s previous returns spanning from 1 day up to 5 years. Stocktouch is a well thought out app that provides a plethora of useful information.

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It’s hard to find anything that is missing or to dislike about this app. One feature that would compliment the current market data provided is some kind of analytical tool. SmartStops automated risk assessment decision tool might be perfect for this app. SmartStops.net provides real time information when a stock is experiencing unusual risk beyond the normal risk of the marketplace and covers both equity securities and ETFs.

Priced at $4.99, this app is a cost-effective purchase. Stocktouch efficiently captures the financial marketplace at your fingertips.

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Stocktouch Issued A Buy Rating From SmartStops.net


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